What we are and what we offer

Web development

  • Landing
  • Business page
  • Portfolio
  • Catalog
  • E-commerce


Custom software

  • Mobile apps for Androind/iOS
  • Web applications
  • API



  • Responsive design
  • Mobile design
  • Cross-browser
  • UI/UX
  • Re-design


IT Consulting

  • Project navigation
  • IT-consulting
  • Strategy developing


Bot Integration
The only team in Estonia who are integrating Bots on platforms like Telegram, Whatsapp, Discord etc.


  • Support
  • Hosting
  • App hosting


Web Development

We develop websites of different complexity using modern technologies. All together we will analyse and plan your future website based on your requirements. Using one or other technology depends on your preferences, possibilities and your project as a whole.

Analysis and consulting
Analyzing your future project and your needs

We plan and design your project

Using modern technologies – active development phase

The release of the project and PROFIT

We are developing on our test-servers using technologies and programming languages as: HTML5, CSS 3, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript, Node.js, React, Angular, Vue.js, PHP, MySql / PostgreSQL, AWS, VPS / VDS , SOAP / REST API

Also we use popular CMS as: WordPress / Woocommerce, Shopify, Joomla!, Prestashop, Magento 1.9 / 2, Grav, OpenCart.

Landing page

Landing page — the main function of this webpage is to collect contact details of the target audience. Helps the effectiveness of advertisements in order to grow the audience. The landing page usually has information about a product or service.

Business page

Visiting site/page / Business page — one or several page website that presents main information about the organisation, person, company, products or services, price-lists and contacts.

Catalog site

Catalog site – an effective way to introduce a product or a service on the Internet. Catalog has a comprehensive information about a company or a brand, shows the news and the catalog of products/services with a detailed description, feedback and ratings.


E-commerce – development of an online shop is a creation of an effective mechanism to sell products/services on the Internet. The selection of products/services with their detailed description and feedback from customers can be presented on the webpage. The accessibility and fast delivery will grow your clientele and sales.

All websites created in our studio meet all the modern standards. Adaptive design or mobile friendly version of a web-page is a part of all our works.

Responsive design

Responsive design — designing web-pages so, they will be displayed the same on all possible devices adapting dynamically for the default screen settings of the browser. Using adaptive design technologies there is no need in creating different versions of the website for each device. The website works on smartphone, tablet, notebook, even on a smart TV.

Cross-browser standards – these standards are met while page-proofing the sites. All projects are standardized for different browser software’s (Internet explorer, Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari) and are tested on the latest versions of them.

UX/UI design

UX/UI desigh — designing user interface so it is as stylish as it is easy to use.

UX (User Experience) — is an experience/emotion the user gets when working with your interface. Ensures the ease and comfort for each and every while on the website.

UI (User Interface) — is the look of your project and which features it has. Color scheme, appearance, size of keys and fonts. Makes your interface comfortable and pleasant.

Re-design — new interface with old functional. The old system of the website remains the same changing only its look. If you already have a website and you do not feel like changing it, yet it looks outdated- redesign is a fine option. In case redesigning your website is not enough, we will help you out choosing the best way to upgrade it.

Sometimes just a redesign is not enough for a new site, in which case we consider the best way to maintain your website.

Custom software

Custom software– applications that are made specially for you and what you need. Booking systems, calendars, calculators and other systems created as a web or mobile app based on your database or other API. We will create the best possible interface, easy to use and understand.

Our designers will create the best interface so that it is intuitive and your customers can easily use your future application.

Consulting and navigating the project

Before getting started we are ready to answer all of your questions on a meeting or via phone. Tell us about your project and the outlook on its future and we will suggest optimal way to manage your project. Which servers and resources would your project need, which problems could occur while developing API etc. and the possible solutions for them.


If your project is to become a large portal or sales platform and you are planning to have an IT-team of your own, then we offer a consulting service to help you build the team with clear goals and tasks, how to manage the team and which conditions to create in order to the project to progress as fast and the most rational way possible.


Our studio can host your apps and websites as we keep our own projects and sites on own servers. We ensure the security, guarantee uninterrupted work of your websites and apps. With our hosting you get unlimited storage space for your project as well as email databases and FTP access and an opportunity to deploy your own apps without us.

Bot integration

bots aka software agent may be integrated in every of your projects and can substitute or support the work of your team.
You can order different bots:

  • for creating reports and statistics
  • for managing any functionality
  • intelligent bots with AI
  • for communication with clients
  • intelligent bots to substitute techsupport and manager divisions

Applications/ Apps

Mobile and Web-apps, chats, simple websites and Telegram bots deployed in seconds. Apps based on modern technologies as Node.js, React, Vue.etc .


Developing on popular e-commerce platforms for better performance: Woocommerce, Magento, Prestashop. We will choose the best solution for your company

Web development

developing websites from scratch. Custom platforms as well as popular ones like WordPress, Joomla! Prestashop, Magento 1.9 / 2, Grav, OpenCart etc.


GeekDev is an IT development and consultancy company, focusing mainly on special IT projects and technologies. Headquartered in ESTONIA, the company develops IT projects worldwide.

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